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The requirement ... ... is not fulfilled ... is planned to be fulfilled ... is partly fulfilled ... is fulfilled
1I give my business partners the possiblity to prepare themselves for the meeting in advance.
2I am willing to clarify things verbally and to share information through communication.
3I adapt my wording and my behaviour according to my counterpart and according to the situation in order to achieve my goals.
4I speak or somebody in my network speaks at least one foreign language in order to reach out for new customer groups.
5I show an interest towards my business partners in order to get an in-depth understanding of their subjectives and contexts.
6I get information about my business partner and about the things, which are important for him/her in advance.
7I define at least one goal that I like to achieve in a meeting.
8I intensively devote myself with a topic until I feel well-prepared.
9I always treat my business partners with respect.
10Depending on my considerations I collect information in preparation for the meeting.
11I always prepare myself for meetings with e.g. clients or suppliers.
12I am balanced and open in conversations and also in complicated situations or with difficult people.
13I consider before entering into a conversation with e.g. a client/supplier which topics will be discussed or could be discussed.
14I record all important points of the meeting.
You have the possiblity to carry out the self-assessment on your tablet, notebook or PC.

the first step to corporate growth

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